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​I teach women how to heal chronic pain and symptoms naturally.. without 1000 supplements, expensive treatments and super restrictive diets. 

I've been on that hamster wheel before

one thing after the next

hopping from modality to modality 

and never really finding long term relief

After several autoimmune diagnoses 

I thought my life would revolve around

managing symptoms forever.

I spent most of my time anxious, depressed and in pain.


But that last diagnosis was the catalyst to find true relief and healing at the root.

I was done managing symptoms and living life as a prisoner to my "conditions" 

Fast forward a bit, and I am living a full life. 

Still nourishing myself with whole foods 

but tossing the supplement cabinet and the never ending health to-do list. 

My work, both personally and professionally, focuses on lymphatic drainage, nervous system healing and brain retraining. None of which require anything outside of yourself! How amazing is that?


I believe that a healthy lifestyle should enhance your life and not become your life. 

That your life is your greatest work of art.

And when you create a deep, nourishing connection

to your body, you can unlock your most magical 

and beautiful life!

I am a professionally trained and licensed Massage Therapist, Wellness Coach and Reiki Master. I am also trained in yoga, Pilates, meditation and breathwork. 
My journey started in 2009 at SHI School of Medical Massage, where I studied Anatomy and Physiology, Swedish Massage, Craniosacral Therapy, Trigger Point Therapy, Healing Touch and more. 
In 2015, joined the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, where I studied 100 different dietary theories, mindfulness and a holistic approach to changing the world one life at a time. 
In 2017, I continued my nutrition education in the foundations of Ayurveda at Elemental Om, as well as Yoga and Meditation.
In 2020, I started studying the chronic pain cycle, the nervous system and lymphatic drainage. I am currently continuing my education in somatic healing and brain retraining.
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