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Start Moving Your Lymph!

If your are looking for an EASY, FREE and QUICK way to feel better, move with less pain and restriction or improve your workout, you're in the right spot! 


Moving your lymph regularly is so important to heal or maintain a healthy body. Because it does not have its own pump, regular lymphatic massage treatments are the key to opening up all of the channels to detox properly. If you are struggling with chronic health issues, this work can greatly decrease symptoms and move your body into a state of healing. You may notice less puffiness, fluid retention, decreased inflammation and better sleep in as little as one treatment! If you are generally healthy, you could expect to feel less tension throughout the body, a clearer mind, a healthy glow and lighter overall.

This work is profound, but super simple. Don't let the simplicity fool you.. 

If you feel any detox symptoms after a treatment (mild fatigue, headache, sinus drainage), this is normal and means its working! If you don't no worries, it doesn't mean it didn't work, it only means that you don't have detox symptoms. 

If you do end up with mild symptoms, wait another day or two until doing your next treatment. More is not better, better is better. 

Doing this every day is ideal. Morning or night. Both have different benefits. 

Morning opens your passageways for your day and any movement you may take part in. 

Night - our main detox happens naturally while we sleep. Our body doesn't have to exert energy on movement, digestion, etc.. so it spends it energy on detoxing. Opening up your passage ways for that assists in this nightly detox. 

So choose whatever is best for you and go with that. You will feel great either way! 

Plan to spend about 3-5 mins. 

Start out with gentle movements, and then go deeper. 

You can move from side to side, up and down or in circles.

There isn't a right or wrong way to move the tissue, just be sure to go in the order listed below! 

Make sure to breathe while your are doing your treatment as breath helps move your lymph too! 

Image by Nsey Benajah



Start gently, tapping with your fingertips, then moving deeper in any direction above and below your collarbone on each side. 


Corner of the Jaw

Right below your earlobe and behind the back corner of your jaw, move even more gently then your collarbone. Gentle tapping, then deeper movements in any direction. 

Image by Alexander Krivitskiy
Image by Darius Bashar


Pec Muscles/Chest

Gentle to deeper movements all around your pec muscle/breast tissue. 


Find the half way point between the bottom of the sternum and your belly button. Begin with tapping, then move deep with your finger tips. This spot may be tender because your largest lymph node lives here. It will get less tender as time goes on. 

Image by Jannes Jacobs
White Swimwear

Bikini Line

Move the tissues both above and below the bikini line. This area may be tender as well. 


Back of Knee

Move the tissues directly behind the knee. You can also slap behind the knee if moving the tissue here is more challenging. 

Image by semen zhuravlev
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